Academic Literacy Program

Children in sub-saharan Africa are more likely to be forced into street trading or trafficked abroad as sex workers to support their families while a girl-child in Africa is more likely to be withdrawn from school for early marriage purpose due to economic difficulties.

Based upon the conviction that an educated citizenry is an asset to the society, Abiodun Koya Foundation provides scholarships to underprivileged youths and Orphans who otherwise would not have the financial means to fulfill their educational aspirations.

Music Literacy Program

MLP is our idear of educating youths on Basic Music Education across the the country in Nigeria Orphanages and Public Schools.
This is our bit to ensure that the country remains a viable brand in every respect in the global village of creativity with emphasis in music. The Board and Trustees of the Abiodun Koya Foundation took this milestone decision recently, so as to restore the beauty of music through the upcoming generation using rudiments of classical music to teach music literacy.

This decision was necessitated by the realization that over the years, popular Music culture has largely overshadowed the deep essence and core purpose of uplifting the soul of Homo sapiens. 90% of the time, music to the young Nigeria Mind is practically all about vulgar lyrics, swaying of hips and dancing to the rhythm-less percussion that promotes nudism and the out rightly banal.
It is our belief that the the knowledge of music which we pass on through this MLP initiative, will beyond measure bring back the necessary change to this effect of youths and younger upcoming generations.

Starting from 2019, we will be holding series of our MLP workshops for Public School Students and Orphans across the country. This will bring a long-term investment that will yield dividends hence impacting lives. There is an urgent need to rescue and preserve the true art of music culture and this can be done majorly through this noble idea. The Foundation has therefore thought it necessary that while this brand has gripped the better part of the psyche of the Nigerian child, there is need to redeem the finer and deeper emotions of the mind, using the model and legacy of the likes of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and George Frederic Handel to name a few. Hall of Fame music Stalwarts who had and keep the true essence of music while alive includes Musical greats like Fela Sowande, Joshua Uzoigwe, Akin Euba, Ayo Bankole and Godwin Sadoh and Babatunde Olatunji. Sowande, according to Tom Head was one of the first and famous Africa composers in western classical tradition, and founders of the Nigeria art music tradition. the demise of these Greats has let to the demise of the true music culture in the environment. necessary change to this effect is our youths and younger upcoming generations.

The initiative of MLP; Nigeria’s Classical gift to the the world, Abiodun Koya who is setting a pace from the global village wants to raise , mentor and empower Youths who from the cradle are built to play the role music stalwarts both at home and in Africa at large.